Actually i don't like terms and conditions's all damn boaring and please be truthfull, who the hell read those 5 or 10 minutes of boaring english vocabulary. Remember we always skip that window of terms and just click "i accepted" check button...don't lie to my face..i know you did that... for the sake of how this page looks i have to read those crapy word from 3 or 4 different terms pages on other websites and had a fever next day..anyway i made this one for my site as my way of boaring bullshit...

listen, whatever you find useful on this blog just grab it and put it in your pocket..all in all i'm just hoping that you find some great and usefull resources of web development here and use it however you wanna use it..whenever you wanna use it...i'd be just happy with that.. and at last unfolding some seriousness...i'm man of my words and i'm saying that the privacy of users is got that...

the information about you is only used for the purposes of web metrics and traffic analysis.
the log of your data consist following information..

  internet protocal (ip) address
  types of browser
  internet service provider
  date/time stamp
  refering/exit pages
  cookies and
  number of clicks.

well, after all this if you still got some twilight situation in your brain or wants some more information about seven signature contact me at